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Eligiblity Criteria & Benefits

Students with following criteria are invited to apply for “WSA Campus Ambassador”.

  1. Students can be in final or pre-final year of their course in ANY discipline.
  2. Good communication skills, leadership qualities and strong interpersonal skills required.
  3. To initiate campus activities and manage time adeptly.
  4. Passion for learning innovative technologies & develop managerial skills.
  5. Member of any student club, organising committee will be an added advantage.

Benefits of WSA Campus Ambassador Program

  1. Get personalized membership card that sets you apart from other students.
  2. Get a free complementary kit at the time of joining.
  3. Differentiate yourself with your colleagues by earning a certificate from Workshops Arena as a testimony for your managerial skills.
  4. Get the certificate speak for your managerial abilities during your interview / placement.
  5. Add the Workshops Arena Campus Ambassador program experience in your resume and further credit yourself as a WSA Campus Ambassador in your email signatures, LinkedIn profile, blogs & personal pages
  6. As Campus Ambassador you can attend any paid Workshop/Seminar organized by Workshop Arena free of cost across the country.
  7. Get a free pass for International events hosted in India by WSA.